Monday, November 14, 2016

Minimal Living Room Ideas
As it turns out, the terms cozy and simple 99.9% of the time apply to bedrooms more than to any other room in the house. I guess the term cozy minimalism just hasn't translated on the living room front yet. I keep asking myself why this is so... surely many others out there feel as I do. I am surprised there aren't better pictures for reference...
Well.. Today I found a few gems. In most of the pictures there are still a few things I would remove. I know I said my style is more traditional decor, I do have a sweet spot for more contemporary things as well. And, on rare occasion love the extreme modern look.

There is this odd connection with "white walls", "white couches" and "minimalism". Its annoying me! Color makes all the difference in a space and white does not automatically mean its "minimalistic" or "clean."

For now though, this is what I found :)

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